About Us

Heritage Overland began in spirit in 1988 when a set of  teenage twin brothers bought a 1979 FJ40 and began a love affair with iconic old trucks and the places they took us to.  After many years of travels in the FJ40, a rusty 1978 FJ55 and others, we began to look overseas for the highly original and rare Land Cruisers we had trouble finding domestically.

Leveraging our travel experience, familiarity with shipping and import processes and considerable tolerance for risk, we began by importing a handful of trucks in 2015.  Eventually we used the vehicles for product and lifestyle photography and expanded into the social media world.  This brought us into contact with some of the best of the new breed of craftspeople and creatives and their products.

In the summer of 2016 we got to work with these folks to assemble the Heritage Overland Collection, based directly on the gear, apparel and accessories we use every day.  We patiently bring together products we think you'll love, because WE love them and want to support the growing renaissance of respect for traditional craftsmanship and uncompromising quality.



- David Braden Horn, founder